Cigarette Display

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Cigarette Gantry and Displays

From 6th April 2015 all cigarette gantries in the UK will need upgrading to fall in line with the new tobacco advertising laws

From the 6th of April all tobacco display units in England and Wales will need sliding doors fitting to their existing tobacco gantry to fall in line with the new regulations for the sale of tobacco. This means only 50% of your stock can be uncovered any while serving and when you are not selling or re-stocking tobacco products they must be covered.

Cold Freeze Refrigeration Ltd have a cost effective cigarette display suitable for small to medium sized stores, in some cases it can be a cheaper and a faster option to replace the existing cigarette gantry rather than having custom doors manufactured to fit your old tobacco display cabinet.

  • Next day delivery is available on all tobacco display gantries.
  • Sliding doors come as standard
  • Ideal size at 1000mm wide x 370mm deep x 1500mm20150121_123357[1] high
  • The compact size means it fits perfectly on a 1 meter wall bay and sits on a 370mm deep shelf so does not take up valuable retail space
  • All cigarette gantries come with pushers and dividers, allowing you to stock 112 different brands of tobacco products displayed over 7 shelves.

If you would like information on our cigarette display units please call us on 01455 221512 or email us at

Remember – do not leave your order to the last minute

You are liable for hefty fines if you are still using your old style gantries after the 6th April 2015

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6 thoughts on “Cigarette Display

  1. If I order this Ciggrate/Tobbaco Display Gantry now will I receive it before the 6th April 2015 ?

    What is the cost of the Ciggrate/Tobbaco Display Gantry & can you deliver the display gantry to my business premises ?

    Please email back a.s.a.p or call me on my contact: 07896708913.

    Most kindest regards from

    Mr Jai Parmar.

    • Hello, yes you will normally receive them within 3-4 working days. The cost is £700.00 delivered on a pallet to your premises.

  2. Just wondering how much your cigarette gantry costs including delivery. Does it come complete or does it have to be put together?

    Many Thanks

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