Gondola Shelving

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  1. Hi,
    Could you let me know the cheapest price you have for a 3.75m remote chiller, delivered and fitted. Also if you have anything that might be suitable re-furbished I would be grateful to know that too. Thank you.

    • Hello

      Sorry for the delay in replying.

      The standard 780 deep x 3.75m long x 2m high would be £4920.00 plus VAT in new.

      We have a 4m cabinet which would be £3600.00 plus VAT and we also have integral units mainly Mars units so they are energy saving and in great condition, we have 2.6m for £1350.00 plus VAT and a 1.4m for £750.00 plus VAT.

      If you let me know where about in the country you are I can quote for any transport charges on the used but this included on new fridge anywhere in the UK.



  2. hi i phone yesterday about the multideck chiller and no reply yet . just want a price on the 2m chiller and 2.5m chiller . please send price and photo . will consider used .
    many thank steven

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